What is LIDC?

Lailun Integrated Development Centre

LIDC is the project operated by Chin Christian institute of Theology for the purpose of community development and running cost of the Institute in response to the challenges and demand of the community and the institute since 2004.

The Chin Christian Institute of Theology (CCIT) was founded in 1953 by the Chin Baptist Convention (CBC) at Falam, Chin State. The purposes of the college were:

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Since founded, as 98% of Chin People are Christians, the CCIT stands as a training center for community leadership and development. From 1953, the CCIT produced more than one thousand community leaders (Diploma, Bachelor and Master Degree holders). The CCIT is standing by the support of Chin Baptist Convention operating fund (from the contribution of 870 local churches). The Institute administration is taken by the board of trustees and faculty council. From the last two decades the college produces 35 community leaders per-anum. The college has enough accommodation for 150 students and 15 faculty and 9 supporting staffs in its campus.

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Project Site & Programmes

In order to sustain the CCIT, the faculty council and CBC officers decided to have a production farm in an   appropriate place, at Lailun – 5 miles from the college campus. The observation and survey was made frequently. The land covers 100 acres, elevation 3500-4000 feet; the soil ph was 5.4 – 7.5 that good to plant vegetables and various fruit trees. From the mid of 2005, the institute started planting of Vine, Orange, Lemon, Avocado, Tea, Coffee, pineapple, Mango, and vegetables; build 5 houses for farm staffs,2 small shelters for livestock breeding, 2 fish pounds; construct a spring water supply at Lailun farm. The LIDC raises goats, fishes, and poultry. The farm sees animal husbandry is primary for sustaining programs as well as to support organic fertilizer for the processing plants. In the farm, there are also planting star grass, rensoni, writer beans, corns and other leguminous that for animal feeds.



To bring out a modern, scientific learning development centre which
distributes appropriate technologies, techniques, facts and data for Chin
cultivators, farmers and students of socio-economic and of ecology.



To learn and teach on subjects beneficial to the community especially that of socio-economic and ecology.



(1) To do suitable agricultural research and to propagate suitable
techniques and seeds.
(2) To do suitable livestock breeding research and to distribute
profitable live-stock to local farmers.
(3) To do research on ways and means of preventing the disappearance of
natural vegetation and that of natural resources; to share with the
community the research findings and strategy.
(4) To do research on preserving and systematic use of water resource.
(5) To do research work on a wider scale by net-working with other
similar natural and socio-economic centers in Myanmar and abroad.



Programmes for the LIDC Project


Agricultural Unit


Livestock Unit


Ecological Unit


Food Processing & Marketing Unit

Structure of Lailun Integrated Development Centre

Management of the Project

The project is implemented under the supervision of the school administration. There are monthly meetings regarding with implementation and management. The faculty council, with the approval of the board of trustees, appointed one faculty as the
director of LIDC. The LIDC director and farm manager are most responsible persons for the implementation of the farm.

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