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The Soward Memorial Library is a great resource for anyone looking to engage in serious academic study or research. With a collection of over 17,500 printed volumes and more than 200 periodicals, the library is a treasure trove of information on a wide range of subjects. In addition to its printed collections, the library offers access to over 15,000 eBooks, making it a valuable resource for those who prefer digital reading. The library is also connected to the Global Digital Theological Library, providing access to over 300,000 volumes online. The library has computer resources and provides a peaceful atmosphere that is conductive to study and research. With all these resources, Soward Memorial Library is truly an exceptional place to learn and grow.

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Koinonia Theological Journal

Publications Section 1

Koinonia Theological Journal

Koinonia Theological Journal is a highly regarded academic publication that features theological research from faculty members. Published once a year, it offers a platform for scholars to share their insights and analysis on various theological topics, including biblical studies, church history, ethics so on. With its rich content and scholarly focus, Koinonia Theological Journal is a valuable resource for theologians, pastors, and students who are interested in exploring theological issues in greater depth.

Haugo Book Series Vol-1
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Publications Section 2

Haugo Book Series

The Haugo Book Series is an exceptional collection of individual faculty research books that have been designed to fill the gaps in available published material. This series aims to address the needs of the church and society in Myanmar, taking into consideration the current situation and requirements of the community. The emphasis of these books is on biblical, historical, and theological studies, catering to the needs of those who crave the message not just within the local context but also in neighboring countries in Asia and the West. The Haugo Book Series is a valuable resource for anyone seeking to deepen their understanding of these topics, and it has the potential to make a significant impact on the academic and spiritual landscape of Myanmar and beyond.


Publications Section 3

3. Annual Magazine

Annual Magazines are a popular way for students to showcase their work and creativity. Led by a team of student editors, these magazines are the culmination of months of hard work and collaboration between students and faculty members. Published once a year, annual magazines provide a lasting record of the achievements and creativity of the students.

Tribal Research Centre

The goal of the Tribal Research Centre (TRC) is to foster and advance our unique personal identity and cultural integrity, and to uncover the valuable assets that are hidden within. The TRC is envisioned to primarily focus on its role as a repository of knowledge and research, operating as a think tank for the development of tribal communities and the preservation of their cultural heritage. Consequently, the key aim of the TRC is to conduct research, surveys, and analyses of tribal cultures and related issues.

Tribal Research Centre

Project Outline

Phase I

Awareness and Material Collection

Approach, study, and collect materials from other Research Centre (local & abroad). Survey, and collect local cultural materials (in kind or in record). Provide guidelines and awareness to research students, and church leaders.

Phase II

Collecting Materials from Research students and Other Sources; and Specifies the Scopes or Research

Manner and Customs
Handicraft of the Chins
Social Relationship

Phase III


Theological Application
Physical, social, economics, academic and religious development
Research Centre development: Separate room or building with facilities including media systems

What is DMTC?

Daikonia Mission Training Centre

Diakonia mission training centre is designed for intensive training of missionaries and those who have committed to be missionary.

The Purposes of Diakonia Mission Training Centre are:

1.Fostering the mission work of the convention, associations, churches, and other mission organizations.

2.Enriching the missiological knowledge and the commitment of missionaries.

3.Exchange the mission experiences and mission methods among missionaries and mission organizations.

4.Formulating the contextual missiological strategies in response to a changing missiological environment.



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